Town Pond Stormwater Modifications

Clearwater, FL

The City of Clearwater (City) selected Reiss Engineering, Inc. (Reiss) to provide an assessment of the current physical condition and operational elements of the City’s Town Pond stormwater system, with specific emphasis on the use of alum for enhanced stormwater treatment. It was the City’s desire to either improve the performance of the alum system such that efficient and effective operations were established, or to identify an alternative method for the elimination of alum from the overall system.

Reiss conducted an investigation into how to best improve the Town Pond system. The study focused initially on the possibility of eliminating alum feed altogether, by regulatory review and a revised compliance strategy, or by physical improvements to the system that would result in reduced treatment and monitoring requirements. Initial planning included assistance to city staff during the composition of a status report submitted to the SWFWMD to inform them of the corrective investigations taking place.

Reiss also conducted an evaluation of the chemical treatment and solids removal systems at Town Pond. The study focused on evaluating the effectiveness of long-term use of alum in the city’s specific application at Town Pond and the effectiveness of the existing solids collection and disposal system. Reiss also examined whether the system was meeting the current permit conditions and monitoring requirements. The evaluation included investigating the regulatory conditions governing alum feed as well as reviewing the cooperative funding agreement between the city and SWFWMD.

This approach was approved by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) in December 2010. Reiss Engineering provided design, permitting, bidding, and construction engineering inspection (CEI) services for the redesign and construction of the Town Pond stormwater system modifications.

Data Points

  • Size: 9 acres
  • Scope: Investigation, planning, evaluation, design, permitting, construction services
  • Duration: 9 months

Project Components

  • Evaluation study
  • Planning and design
  • Investigation of regulatory conditions
  • SWFWMD permitting assistance
  • Construction management

Key Benefits

  • Conducted studies and gained valuable information regarding the best way to improve the Town Pond system
  • Provided design and construction of the Town Pond stormwater system modifications

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