Water Quality Modeling, Phase 1

Orange County, FL

The Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) maintains a hydraulic and water quality model of its potable water distribution system to help plan, design improvements, operate, and optimize water pressure to deliver quality service to its customers. OUC staff historically developed and maintained the potable water hydraulic and water quality model. An enhanced water quality model was developed to provide OUC water production and distribution staff a new dimension in predictive system performance monitoring, performance benchmarking, operations optimization and regulatory compliance. The primary objective of this project was to evaluate and update OUC’s water quality model to optimize service to OUC customers.

OUC’s hydraulic model encompasses the entire OUC service area. This service area includes separate pressure zones and areas where supply water mixes in the distribution system. An important consideration to OUC is the natural mixing zones that exist in between the water treatment plants. This project covered the pressure zones and focused on optimizing water quality in the mixing zones.

Under a continuing services contract, Reiss developed a hydraulic model and performed hydraulic verification, water quality calibration, water quality modeling, and distribution system water quality optimization. A desktop computer application was created to enable OUC planning, production, and water quality staff to track historical water quality sampling data and compare model-predicted results. The model is a key tool used by OUC as part of its ongoing disinfection byproducts regulatory compliance strategy. Phase II of the project includes water quality monitoring for enhanced model calibration and unidirectional flushing pilot testing.

Data Points

  • Scope: Hydraulic modeling, calibration, and verification
  • Duration: 27 months

Project Components

  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Evaluation of potable water distribution system
  • Predictive system performance and monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Optimized service to OUC customers
  • Improved water quality
  • Regulatory compliance

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