Wekiva Basin Septic to Sewer Evaluation

Seminole County, FL

Seminole County was identified by FDEP as being one of nine counties within the state in which wastewater treatment feasibility analyses would have the most impact due to the quantity and density of existing septic systems, formally known as onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems (OSTDS) within the Wekiva Basin. FDEP also identified priority focus areas (PFA) within these counties, which are defined as an area of a basin where the Floridian aquifer is most vulnerable to pollutant impacts and where there is a known connectivity between groundwater pathways and Outstanding Florida Spring (OFS).

FDEP requires the development of remediation plans to identify “cost-effective and financially feasible projects” to reduce nutrient impacts associated with OSTDSs. To accelerate development of the information essential to implementing an effective plan, FDEP will make grants available to all nine counties for the performance of wastewater treatment feasibility analyses. The document prepared under this grant will also position local government wastewater projects for potential financial assistance from FDEP’s State Revolving Fund (SRF) and other funding sources, such as total maximum daily load (TMDL) and springs cost share funding/grants, which gives high priority to basin management action plan (BMAP) projects.

Reiss recently completed a remediation plan that included an inventory of almost 4,000 OSTDSs; assessed existing wastewater capacity and infrastructure (including potential infrastructure upgrade and expansion options); and evaluated cost-effective project solutions, financing alternatives, and potential rate and homeowner impacts. Reiss is poised to start the next phase that will evaluate up to 14,000 OSTDSs in two other BMAPs within Seminole County. Both projects are being entirely funded through a FDEP grant.

Data Points

  • Size: County-wide
  • Scope: Remediation Plan, inventory, analysis, assessment, FDEP grant assistance
  • Duration: Ongoing

Project Components

  • Asset inventory and evaluation
  • FDEP grant funding assistance
  • Septic to Sewer

Key Benefits

  • Reduced nutrient impacts associated with OSTDSs
  • Remediation plan to identify cost-effective and financially feasible projects
  • Grant funding application assistance
  • Improved wastewater service
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