Westport Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion

Port St. Lucie, FL

Reiss is performing preliminary engineering, permitting, final design, bidding, and construction services for expanding the Westport WWTF to meet the future treatment needs of the Westport service area in Port St. Lucie. This scope is based on an anticipated future treatment to meet the following capacities, as provided by the City:

  • 10.71 MGD Annual Average Day Flow
  • 12.00 MGD Maximum Month Average Day Capacity
  • 15.85 MGD Peak Day Capacity

The project is being executed in two (2) parts. Part 1 of the expansion project shall include critical plant process improvements to correct current operational issues. The improvements proposed for this part of the project include the following:

  • Improve Flow Splitting to Clarifiers – A new flow splitter box and associated piping are anticipated.
  • Improve Plant Drainage System and In-Plant Pump Station Capabilities – Structure modifications, new drainage system piping and piping modifications, and up to three (3) new in-plant pump stations are anticipated.
  • Chlorine Contact Chamber Overflow Modifications – Existing piping and structure modifications are anticipated.
  • In-Plant Reuse System Supply Modifications – CCC structure modifications and associated piping modifications are anticipated.
  • Clarifier RAS Piping Flow Improvements – Existing piping cleaning and/or modifications are anticipated.

Part 2 of the facility expansion includes additional modifications relating to existing plant processes which have been identified as needing improvements in addition to the expansion of the plant by addition of new treatment trains.

Data Points

  • Size: 12 MGD
  • Scope: Preliminary engineering, permitting, final design, bidding, and construction services
  • Duration: Ongoing

Project Components

  • Preliminary design, permitting, final design of Part 1 process improvements
  • Final design of Part 2 facility expansion
  • Construction administration for both parts

Key Benefits

  • Process evaluations and design of Part 1 improvements to address operational challenges
  • Noise and odor control due to proximity of neighboring development
  • Major WWTF expansion
  • Major electrical upgrades

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