In an age of tightening water supplies, the reuse of previously disposed of waste streams is becoming a more common practice and, in many cases, a requirement of water permitting. Cost-effectiveness for these systems is dictated by effective planning and efficient implementation of these sometimes significant capital programs.

Rely on Reiss for residential retrofit and service area planning, storage and pump station design, construction administration, ordinance development and asset management systems.

Reuse services include:

Planning & Modeling

  • Residential retrofit and service area planning
  • Pump station operational assessments
  • Potable-water offset calculations and permitting
  • Pipeline and pump station hydraulic modeling
  • Construction, reuse, recharge cooperative funding

Design & Construction Management

  • Storage and pump station design
  • Distribution system design
  • Residential retrofit programs
  • RIB and ASR design
  • Storage, pump station and pipeline construction management


  • Consumptive use permitting for potable offsets
  • Facility distribution system construction permitting
  • Sprayfield and RIB permitting
  • Dechlorination/discharge permitting


  • Reuse quality compliance
  • Ordinance development and public outreach
  • Conservation validation
  • Nutrient studies