With an ever-growing focus on protecting and maintaining the quality of our lakes and streams, the best management practices for stormwater and the minimization of its negative effect on the environment is a critical aspect of utility services. Maintenance of stormwater conveyance and treatment systems, design and integration of expansions to the system, and beneficial reuse of stormwater are common challenges faced by modern utility providers.

Reiss confronts those challenges with grant and loan funding guidance, collection and conveyance system design, stormwater control structure design, environmental resources protection, and other full-service stormwater capabilities.

Stormwater services include:

Planning & Modeling

  • Grant and loan funding guidance
  • Best Management Practices design and implementation
  • System master planning and hydraulic modeling
  • Geolocation of facilities and assets
  • Flood control

Design & Construction Management

  • Collection and conveyance system design
  • Storage system designs for facility sites
  • Stormwater control structure designs
  • Trail/Park feature integration
  • Pipeline and facility construction management


  • Infrastructure construction permitting
  • Environmental resources permitting
  • NPDES permitting
  • Underground injection control permitting


  • Nutrient control
  • Sediment/debris monitoring
  • Environmental resources protection
  • Capacity maintenance and control