The collection, treatment, and disposal/reuse of wastewater is an ongoing issue for utility service providers. Maintenance of aging treatment and transmission infrastructures, expansion of existing facilities, and maintaining compliance with reuse and residuals disposal requirements provide continual challenges to utility staff and management.

We can handle everything from treatment facility size and physical design to advanced treatment process design optimization and nutrient removal

Wastewater services include:

Planning & Modeling

  • Effluent disposal and solids-handling master planning
  • Advanced hydraulic modeling and collection/transmission planning
  • Treatment facility sizing and master planning
  • Pipeline and pump station hydraulic modeling
  • Capacity analysis reports

Design & Construction Management

  • Collection system design
  • Treatment facility design
  • Pipeline condition assessment
  • Effluent disposal and biosolids facility design
  • Pipeline, pump station and plant construction management


  • Treatment facility construction permitting
  • Capacity analysis reports
  • Effluent disposal permitting
  • Residuals management and disposal permitting


  • Process optimization
  • Effluent quality improvement/Nutrient reduction
  • Spill response/prevention
  • Residuals disposal compliance