Our most precious resource

Water providers face numerous resource and treatment challenges, including identifying water sources to meet increasing demands and improving treatment to comply with more stringent quality regulations. Maintenance of aging infrastructures creates additional obstacles that must be overcome.

Capabilities range from specialty water quality and membrane treatment services to more conventional infrastructure design and construction projects.

Water services include:

Planning & Modeling

  • Water supply planning and conservation programs
  • Advanced hydraulic modeling and distribution planning
  • Compliance assessments and water-quality improvement planning
  • Work order systems/reporting
  • Pipeline and pump station preliminary design criteria

Design & Construction Management

  • Supply well and intake design
  • Treatment facility design, advanced process expertise
  • Storage and high-service pump station design
  • Distribution system design
  • Pipeline and facility construction management


  • Water supply and consumptive use permitting
  • Water treatment facility permitting
  • Membrane concentrate discharge permitting
  • Water supply facilities work plan development


  • SDWA and water quality compliance
    • Lead and copper
    • TTHM/HAA
    • Taste and odor/color
    • Residual maintenance
  • Blending/re-equilibration studies
  • Lost water/water balance
  • Hydraulic analysis for fire protection